• Question: why do we have differen music tastes - does music taste reflect personality?

    Asked by madisonandkatie to Yee Whye, Valerie, Nick, Mackenzie, Lin, Jun, Jacob, Brian, Anna on 18 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Lin Shuyu

      Lin Shuyu answered on 18 Nov 2019:

      Um, this is a hard question. I don’t think with thorough social science experiments we can make any concrete conclusion for this one. My personal opinion is: the music taste is related to some part of personality, but it does not define things like how nice a person you are etc,.

    • Photo: Mackenzie Graham

      Mackenzie Graham answered on 21 Nov 2019:

      I think it probably does, to some extent. Some of what we find pleasant in music depends on our culture, and what we have been exposed to. (For example, minor chords usually sound ‘sad’). Certain arrangements of notes sound like they ‘go together’, which is partly based on our brains, but also partly based on the kind of sounds we have grown up hearing. And maybe the reason you like a certain song is more about when/where you heard it, and what it reminds you of, than how it actually sounds!