Machine Learning Zone

An online activity where school students connect with researchers at the University of Oxford working with Machine Learning. It’s a competition between the researchers, where students are the judges.

Students challenge the researchers over fast-paced online text-based live CHATs. They ASK the researchers anything they want, and VOTE for their favourite to win a prize of £500 to engage the public with their research

The Zone takes place 11–22 November 2019

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Your students could connect with:

  • Computer scientist using machine learning for drug discovery
  • Legal researcher developing rules for using automation in sentencing
  • Mechanical engineer designing robotic arms
  • Ethicist working out who is responsible for harm caused by AI technology
  • Psychologist researching the public’s perception of robots in social care
  • Economist modelling the effects of automation on the job market
  • Philosopher trying to understand whether artificial intelligences really ‘think’ and what this means for humanity.

By reading profiles, questioning, and taking part in live chats, school students see that researchers are people like them and find out about the huge breadth and potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning research happening in their local area.

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